OTE Design

The OTE was designed by Dr. David TSE (US patent #6582465). The device consists of a flexible "balloon/expander" held in place by a titanium fixation plate that is anchored to the lateral orbital wall by screws. A slotted arm attached to the fixation plate, extends through a slot that is formed within the OTE. The OTE will be self-centered in the expanding socket as the orbit grows. A 30 gauge disposable hypodermic needle connected to a 1cc disposable syringe filled with sterile saline is inserted into the OTE through an injection port. The injection track seals upon the removal of the needle. Inflation of the OTE will effect pressure on the orbit of the patient.

The OTE was tested at Dr. Jean-Marie Parel's laboratory, the Ophthalmic Biophysics Center which is part of the Bascom Palmer Eye Institute at the University of Miami, Miller school of medicine.

The device was developed and is currently manufactured by Innovia LLC.

Illustration of where OTE is positioned and OTE with labeled parts

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