Benefits of the OTE

1. Enables an infant's affected ocular orbit to grow with the orbit of the healthy eye to prevent permanent facial disfigurement

2. Implanted using standard oculoplastic surgical techniques.

3. Simple inflation and deflation eliminates the need for successive surgeries and the implantation of larger devices.

4. Easily inflated, deflated, removed, or replaced with no harm to the infant

5. Bone plate prevents extrusion and facilitates self-centering of the device in the ocular orbit.

6. Cost-effective.

7. Requires minimal follow-up.

Photo of OTEPhoto of child with toys

There are two adjustments that are required periodically*:

1) Inflation of the globe to stimulate bone growth;

2) Confirmation of self-centering.

*The infant is carefully followed by the surgeon who decides the adjustment intervals required to facilitate the desired result of facial symmetry. The recommended use for the OTE is one year, but optimal removal time is at the surgeon's discretion.

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